About Us

Get to know us, how our journey began and what we aim to do in the future, insha Allah.

Al-Muhsināt is an Islamic faith-based organisation established in 2007. Our journey began by catering for the educational needs of primarily women. As we grew our audience extended to include men and our aims included teaching Islamic Sciences to both beginners and advanced students who want to both commence and further their Islamic studies and training.


One of our key objectives includes supporting our students to explore the Islamic faith and understand how it can be lived out today and every day. We endeavour to adopt a holistic approach in delivering our courses. Not only do we deliver lessons in the classroom, we also encourage and provide a space for students to participate and experience aspects of the Islamic faith through discussions, trips, and reflection. Our aim is to help students understand the rich tradition of the classical Islamic sciences and to begin to appreciate different interpretations. Ultimately the goal for our students is application of what is learnt with prophetic excellence (ihsān).

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